Is a gathering of 2 or more an event? 3 or more? 10 or more? Well, it could be, especially for those with an eye toward networking and marketing and maybe it can be a lot of fun too. We’ve pioneered this simple little technique for turning casual gatherings into something bigger, especially when traveling. [...]


Google and other search engines have made more attempts to shut down bad practices. Many so called “guest bloggers” and “social media users” are spamming the Internet with social media selling followers and fake guest bloggers spamming with link builds. Internet marketing is finally getting back on cue with authenticity and transparency. Many spammers are [...]


Whether you are new to the social media arena or are a veteran with many years under your belt and just need a fresh look, or you just want a cool look for your personal Facebook account more than 1 billion people have the need for a Facebook timeline cover (FBTLC). The Facebook Timeline Cover in [...]


With over 250 million LinkedIn members, it’s more important than ever for financial professionals to have an optimized profile as the foundation of your LinkedIn presence. More and more financial professionals are getting involved with LinkedIn and social media. If you want to be found by your clients, prospects and referral sources, you need to [...]


Sex up your LinkedIn Profile with Optimized Pictures

February 12, 2014

LinkedIn profiles have seen an extreme transformation in the last year – if you know where to look and pay attention. Many of us might recall when LinkedIn profiles had no picture. There were no LinkedIn groups or company pages either. It was a character-based site for the most part, like the old days of [...]

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I’m A Financial Services Provider, Why Do I Need To Be Actively Involved With LinkedIn? By @BradFriedman

February 11, 2014

Even though you are in the financial services industry, you might be surprised to find that LinkedIn offers a number of important benefits. If you are not actively participating in this important platform, you could be missing a large number of prospective contacts and the opportunity to open doors and make more connections.

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Why Use Social Media When I Get Business From Word Of Mouth? By @BradFriedman

February 4, 2014

If you’re sidestepping social media marketing because you get your business through word of mouth, there are two things you need to hear:

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Have You Tried The New LinkedIn Showcase Page? by @BradFriedman

January 27, 2014

Most businesses have more than one product or service, and each may have a unique target audience. Recognizing this, LinkedIn, the professional social networking, has created Showcase Pages. Pages that allow companies to focus their brand messages for particular content to specific audiences.

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Presenting @LoriRuff as Host of #InfluenceRadio on The Social Network Station®

January 16, 2014

Integrated Alliances CEO, Lori Ruff to host new show “Influence Radio” on The Social Network Station. The show will air Thursdays 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific beginning Feb 6, 2014. It is with gratitude, excitement, and anticipation I welcome Lori Ruff, “The LinkedIn Diva“ to The Social Network Station  as she is one of the most brilliant [...]

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How to Attract Twitter Followers by @LoriRuff

December 31, 2013

One of my best friends recently joined Twitter. Much to my chagrin, it was at the receipt of an invitation of another mutual friend (not his first invite) that finally got him on board. He’s not asking how to attract Twitter followers: he’s about being at the party, not being the life of it. But [...]

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LinkedIn Rockstar Music Review – James Blunt Moon Landing

December 7, 2013

LinkedIn Rockstar Music Review – James Blunt Moon Landing It was 2006 when I became a true James Blunt fan and I remember it very well. I was living in downtown Denver and, almost by accident, I strolled by the Paramount Theater. It was early April, about 5:30 and there was a buzz about the [...]

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12/3 IA Denver Broncos Party Directions

December 1, 2013

PARKING: Please do not park directly in front of the INGATHER RESEARCH Reality House, or any other homes on the street. Please park at the end of the street in the Church parking lot. Parking is permitted in the church parking lot, which is only few houses down from INGATHER. Thank you for your cooperation. FROM DENVER INTERNATIONAL [...]

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