It’s that time of year again where Apple makes its annual update to the iPhone product line. Notice that I said “product line” instead of just “iPhone 6”. That’s an important distinction. The date is Sept 9 and there are 2 new iPhone models coming out. There are some other rumored items as well, but [...]

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Social Selling is about many things. But first and foremost it is about getting attention and keeping their interest – what people see and read. It is about relationship building and this article deals with the start of many of those relationships. Sorry to say this, but your profile might be killing business prospects and [...]


You’ve heard this, or something like it before. I need to improve my LinkedIn profile and I’ll get to it “One of These Nights.” It is on a list of “somedays” that we all have that probably also includes exercising more, eating better or cleaning out the basement. If you are going to begin social [...]


When its only you that you have to be concerned about, life can be pretty simple (like one cat). Make it a team effort and all bets are off. Chances are your team is not “pretty maids all in a row” on LinkedIn but it CAN be. That brings us to the topic of marketing, [...]

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4 Twitter Strategies to Tweet like a Bird; not a Robot by @seansullivan110

June 13, 2014

This post will share 4 Twitter Strategies to Tweet like a Bird; not a Robot. Over the past month, I found new ways to engage with people online. I have taken a personal challenge to  creatively implement and execute a strategies on my social media profiles. I do not want to bore you with talking [...]

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How I learned what I didn’t know I already knew about #Facebook from @HotLou by @LinkedInDiva

June 5, 2014

The question in the crowded room was “Why is Hot Lou called ‘Hot Lou’?” …until he opened his mouth and started describing how he (with a college degree in computer science and math) made thousands of Facebook pages incredibly successful through learning how to engage people and then scale. Yes, ‘Hot Lou’ is the mastermind [...]

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The LinkedIn Profile Header – How to Improve Your Look

June 4, 2014

Integrated Alliances has the specific detail you need to take advantage this new LinkedIn profile header.  Everything you need to know including the size and specific dimensions are below. I saw this coming and I bet many of you did as well. What is good for one social media platform is good for them all [...]

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New Facebook Page Layout for June 2014 (with PS & AI Templates) by @GraphicBreeze

May 29, 2014

Here’s news you wouldn’t have guessed: Facebook is changing again. Don’t worry: this is not a major overhaul like we experienced with Twitter’s recent change. The new Facebook page layout design changes we expect to experience in just over a week (all pages will sport the new design as of June 11) is more about [...]

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CityHour Rocks Face-to-Face Business #Networking

May 23, 2014

You’ve likely experienced a serendipitous moment in business. You happened to be at a place where you happened to meet someone that happened to turn into a brilliant business relationship. Perhaps it was a new client, a new solution provider, a new referral partner. That’s the basis for new app, CityHour. CityHour allows you to [...]

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Design Tips that @Twitter Doesn’t Tell You by @GraphicBreeze

May 2, 2014

So you updated your Twitter account to the new layout and surprise, surprise your header built for the recently deceased Twitter layout looks like a nightmare now.  Whatever; this new design is just another Facebook lookalike. I think I’ll just take my current Facebook timeline cover, slap it up and I’ll be golden. Hold on! [...]

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Turn Your Gathering Into A Networking Event

March 19, 2014

Is a gathering of 2 or more an event? 3 or more? 10 or more? Well, it could be, especially for those with an eye toward networking and marketing and maybe it can be a lot of fun too. We’ve pioneered this simple little technique for turning casual gatherings into something bigger, especially when traveling. [...]

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Stop the Social Spamming by @seansullivan110

March 4, 2014

Google and other search engines have made more attempts to shut down bad practices. Many so called “guest bloggers” and “social media users” are spamming the Internet with social media selling followers and fake guest bloggers spamming with link builds. Internet marketing is finally getting back on cue with authenticity and transparency. Many spammers are [...]

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