9 LinkedIn 2013 New Year Predictions

by @CarolSmithCEO on December 31, 2012 · 2 comments

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LinkedIn has announced they will be taking over the entire 23rd floor of the Empire State Building in New York City in 2013. This more than doubles their square footage and now includes two entire floors, the 23rd and 25th, dedicated to LinkedIn. What else is on the horizon for LinkedIn in 2013? Here are my predictions:

  1. Revenue opportunity: LinkedIn will expand functionality with CRM provider Salesforce even after announcing last week they had terminated integration on Hoover’s database.
  2. Ad Campaigns: LinkedIn Ad Campaigns will explode with white papers, infographics, video’s and surveys. More businesses will begin trying this feature with mixed success.
  3. Demographics: LinkedIn will accelerate it’s demographic targeting capabilities for enterprise, recruiting and premium members.  Serious business people use LinkedIn and they demand serious business functionality before investing advertising dollars.
  4. Business Metrics: Will improve access to metrics on engagement, reach, magnification, and community behavior.
  5. Social Business Heat: Clients will become more vocal about desired functionality, existence proofs of success, and guarantees around platform stability. However, LinkedIn, will continue to resist embracing Web 2.0 market driven engagement on their brand.
  6. “Z” Generation: Huge problem and opportunity for LinkedIn with the age group born between 1993-2000. LinkedIn will continue to court the college crowd and with good reason. This age group is defined as being highly connected, digital natives who grew up in the Great Depression. For the most part, the younger set thinks LinkedIn is “old”, “dead”, “irrelevant” and “not sustainable”.  Ouch. Tough assessments from a Silicon Valley pizza party survey (offer teens a pizza and they will come. Just don’t tell them you have questions until they are eating the pizza.)
  7. Community Resources: Finally a slow move toward leveraging external LinkedIn evangelists to help deliver it’s brand message. This will be fraught with short burst of activity followed by harsh clamp downs as LinkedIn struggles to find the right tone and strategy.
  8. Mobile: LinkedIn will significantly improve it’s mobile app. This may be a wish more than a prediction but I’m adding it here in the hopes someone on the mobile team will be inspired to make improvements.
  9. Customer Service: LinkedIn’s customer service will continue to be problematic. Premium members enjoy “priority customer service” according to LinkedIn. Sigh.

My overall social media wish for 2013 is that technology will become smart and recommend automated engagement responses for our review and approval. This will happen. It’s just a matter of time. Fingers crossed that it’s commercialized for use in 2013.

What’s your LinkedIn prediction for 2013?


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