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You’ve heard that people are generating leads and closing clients using LinkedIn and wonder how to join the LinkedIn Success Club.

Here is the secret: consistently connecting and engaging. It’s simple that really.

Time: What are the best days to engage on LinkedIn?

Start by finding out when your desired clients and prospects are on LinkedIn. This is critical because you need to be there when they are ready to engage: if your clients are online on Sunday evening, then that’s the best time to engage and post. Most social sharing is done Monday through Friday; however, most social engagement is Thursday through Sunday.

Carol Smith describes how to fit LinkedIn into your day!

Frequency: How frequently should you post, comment and share on LinkedIn?

The best frequency is 3-5 days a week, twice a day. More is better on Twitter, but you can exhaust your LinkedIn audience. Keep your posts valuable and relevant to your desired client.

Duration: How much time should you spend on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn expert Lori Ruff suggests 30-45 minutes a day, broken down into 10-15 minute slots throughout the day: once in the morning, around lunch time and then towards the end of the day. To effectively use that time, Ruff recommends scanning your home page Network Updates for updates you like or can comment on; scan the Companies home page to do the same for companies you’re following; check your inbox; and finally check in on a couple different Groups, scanning discussions you can like or comment on. When you have time, dig a little deeper; in the meantime, you’ll be engaged at a level that let’s your network know you exist and you’ll be around often enough to see and take advantage of opportunities you’ll start to notice.

Engagement: What are the most successful engagement strategies? Here are my top favorites.

  1. Review and comment on your timeline. If you’re using LinkedIn’s app, it’s the top left corner box called “Updates”. Scroll down and read those posts which look interesting. If you like them, then hit “like” or comment and share.
  2. Post your blog on your timeline and share it in appropriate groups. If you’ve gone through the trouble of writing a brilliant blog post; don’t be shy. Share it!
  3. Visit a group and comment, like, or post a provoking discussion. People love to share their opinions so ask them. Then write a blog post about what you learned. It’s an easy and free way to get market data. This will help ensure you are visible in your group.
  4. Give a recommendation to a deserving connection. This will help them and you. It’s a win/win. They get the recommendation and you become visible on their profile as someone of influence and generosity.
  5. LinkedIn expert Mike O’Neil recommends: Go get LinkedIn’s free mobile app.  While not yet perfect, the app helps make your daily posting, sharing and engaging easy.  Use your smart phone to connect and update while you’re in between meetings or waiting in line at the checkout station.

Give this a try, then leave a comment below and let us know how it works for you. We’d also like to hear elements of Your daily routine. Leave a comment below.

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