LinkedIn Revamps User Profiles, Engagement Expected to Rise

by Lori Ruff on November 16, 2012 · 4 comments

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LinkedIn recently made headlines when they announced that they were revamping the company pages for companies. Recently, LinkedIn announced that along with these company “brand” pages, they will also revamp their profiles.

LinkedIn was launched in 2003, and in the past ten years, this social network has not made many major changes to its layout. Since the last major profile change late 2009, the company pages were the first step, and the regular profiles are next and actually in process.

What changes were made with the brand revamp?

In the company page revamp, LinkedIn added a large cover image option, added a status update function (with the ability to choose who sees what posts) and even added better job functions and product/service descriptions. Our previous posts chronicle some of these changes and offer advice on how your company can take advantage of the changes.

What changes are being made to the new profiles?

The new profile design for LinkedIn uses the same type of idea as the company pages. LinkedIn plans on simplifying the design of LinkedIn. Items will no longer be bunched together or hard to find. Instead, the information on a person’s profile will be more organized.

Information will also be much easier to edit. LinkedIn plans on putting new tools in place that makes editing a profile more simple, and it will also feature the latest edits and additions on the top of the profile so that they’re more prominent. And Tuesday, Nov 13, LinkedIn announced that on the iphone and android apps and on the mobile web, users can now edit their profile on the go.

Like its company pages, the new LinkedIn profiles will also allow for larger images. People today tend to be more visual, and larger images make profiles more attractive and can give better insight into a person.

The right side of LinkedIn profiles will also contain important information. Insights into an individual’s network will be available in graph form, and users will also be able to see pictures of those people who recently viewed their LinkedIn profile. Users will also be able to see pictures of individuals who have much in common with them, allowing them to learn more about people that they should be building connections with.

Why is LinkedIn making these changes now?

As mentioned, LinkedIn has not made any major changes to its layout and design in almost 2 years, and as any good business person knows, if the right changes are not made every now and then, you’re going to lose your audience.

LinkedIn has over 175 million members in over 200 countries. Every day, it connects more and more people with partners and businesses that can help them be more successful. More and more people are turning to LinkedIn to search for and find jobs as well as to follow thought leaders and educate themselves on topics that can help them in the future.

LinkedIn is a social network, just like Facebook and Twitter. And although it’s known for professionals, it has been under fire for not being as fun and easy to use. In order to compete with these networks, it’s important for LinkedIn to make the right enhancements that will get and keep their users’ interest.

LinkedIn has also mentioned that the new changes will improve engagement between users. The new changes will make it easier to make new connections and build relationships, all of which will improve communication and give everyone the right contacts to improve their careers or business.

When are the changes happening?

The announcement to change the profiles were recently made, and the rollout has already begun. If you peruse enough profiles, you will see some of the changes now.


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