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LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

It sounds big doesn’t it? Well, it may be.

Features come and features go. Some popular LinkedIn features to hit the cutting room floor include LinkedIn Events, LinkedIn Answers and LinkedIn Signal. Each had its loyal following and each had real benefits.

LinkedIn users will soon get a new LinkedIn capability. Call it a feature.

LInkedIn Update StreamsIn the coming months, LinkedIn will begin selling prime real estate slots in your LinkedIn Home Page updates stream.  It joins these other streams that you see now. Notice that EACH of these can be tuned on and off.  Do you think you will see a toggle switch for LinkedIn Sponsored Updates?

The key benefit for companies? “With sponsored updates what we are doing basically is giving them a way to go beyond their followers and increase their distribution,” wrote LinkedIn Product Manager Gyanda Sachdeva.

For companies, LinkedIn’s David Hahn wrote, “Sponsored Updates can be priced on either a CPM or CPC basis (i.e., based on impressions or clicks); advertisers should be able to view data on their campaigns and tweak their efforts as necessary.”

This is the very place you look for updates from your direct connections (and companies you specifically follow) and it will soon get a dose of corporate advertising mixed in. Sure, these may not look like ads, at least not the best ones, but they are a billboard of sorts and you won’t be able to miss them.

We don’t want to hypothesize too much on something that is not yet released as changes are almost certain: like which 20 languages it will support!

LinkedIn has developed powerful targeting features for its Pay Per Click advertising platform. I expect LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to make use of this same technology as well as the new analytics they offer on Company Pages.

Will users view this as a form of spam? Who will benefit from it?

Other social networks have tried paid placements and with mixed success. What are LinkedIn’s chances with this audience, one that is used to “seeing lots of report as spam” links?

As LinkedIn Sponsored Updates rolls out, we would like to hear more about your thoughts. We also welcome your tips and for using it, both as an individual and as a company.

One early gotcha…

At first, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are only available to companies who have a LinkedIn Rep.  Expect to see a self-serve capability and system-wide reporting further down the road.

So, if you are looking for new ways to market your products or services, you should DEFINITELY “look into” LinkedIn Sponsored Updates soon after launch. Like most things new, you might want to wait a little bit. Let’s all see how it is packaged, priced, positioned and, most importantly, how it is received by other users.

So, what are your thoughts on this pending “feature”.
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