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Filming Integrated Alliances U LinkedIn E-LEarning at Splash Media

Our LinkedIn training operations have been boosted tremendously by web-based video. It’s obvious that this is where things are going but it wasn’t always so. New products, new services, higher expectations, Google preferences – they all add up to more video.

We’ve been in the fanciest of fancy studios video production studios, filming over 50 cinema-grade video lessons there with a production team of 6 including a hair & make-up person. This is the Splash Media studio in Dallas, where we film our Integrated Alliances U LinkedIn Sales Training Videos.

We’ve also filmed hundreds more using a Flip Mino HD video camera, an iPhone 4s or even a MacBook Pro. There really IS a difference and making that difference as little as possible is a goal.

We’re about to explore the middle ground. Upgrade to a DSLR camera, add a decent microphone, some green screen, upgrades lighting and, well, you get the idea. It isn’t flip and it isn’t TV, it’s Social Media grade video with all the right trade-off’s. Target budget for equipment is $2,000.

We’ll be looking for ideas and experts for this story at the New Media Expo (BlogWorld) in Las Vegas Jan 6-8. This is my first time attending the event and I’ll be with Lori Ruff who is on a panel along with Socialized Author Mark Fidelman. Look me up!

Integrated Alliances will be producing and releasing a Social Media Video Content Blog series in Q1 2013. We are finalizing plans for the project now and are currently seeking partners and sponsors for the project. Interested? See below.

Topics to be covered

  1. IMG_3969What to shoot – plan, purpose, final purpose
  2. How to shoot it – methods, lighting, tips, final location
  3. Subject material and accompanying text
  4. Camera and related hardware – tripod, lens, storage
  5. Audio – microphones, mixing, music
  6. Room specifications – width, height, depth, HVAC, noise
  7. Backgrounds – paint, set, props, green screen, seamless, outdoors
  8. Lighting equipment – basic, softbox, CFL, LED, Kits
  9. Post production – self, professional help, Fiverr
  10. Software – iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Audacity, SaaS-based
  11. Posting to YouTube, Vimeo, Blog
  12. Cloud-based Video Storage – Drop Box, Amazon, Box.Net
  13. SEO and Linking – SEOMoz, Splash Media

Video Expertise

We are seeking expertise in all of these areas. If you would like to participate in this timely project by sharing your expertise or something else, we would love to hear from you. We are interviewing experts for inclusion in the posts, some appearing a number of times.

Project Equipment Needed

  • Video Cameras – Canon EOS Rebel T4i, Sony a57
  • Lighting – low-end LED Softbox light set, mid-quality CFL light set
  • Seamless background Kit – mid-level white with stand
  • Devices – Wacom Intuoso5 Touch Medium
  • Audio Mixers – passive, active
  • Microphones – lapel, traditional, retro, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Sony
  • Professional-grade Software – Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6), Adobe Lightroom 4, Sony Vegas Pro Suite 12, Final Cut Pro X
  • Consumer-gade Software - Adobe Elements, iMovie

Canon 4Ti Camera


The series is seeking sponsors – both paid and in-kind. The blog post series will start at the beginning and work through final produced products. We are already getting a great deal of exposure and positive feedback about this project. Become part of it!


Mike O’Neil, Integrated Alliances, 303-683-9600.

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Awesome suggestions here Mike and Lori!

    I am looking for a new cam and found a few options up above.


  • DavidPylyp

    I would love to participate;  I use a T3i   Do my Own green screens and Video editing on iMovie ,   external Mics are LAV and Boom Mics.

    Tell me what I can bring to your social Media Party

    David Pylyp
    A Youtube Fan from Etobicoke Ontario Canada

    • Mike O’Neil

      Headed out to film in the studio in Dallas then off to BlogWorld. Will try and hook up during the trip David. Will be fun together!

  • Mike O’Neil

    Ryan – THX for commentary.

    Many people filming are both videographer and talent at the same time. You need to see where you are in the frame and be able to set some things remotely. This is a central part to the story.

    The camera buy evaluation part is a month out probably. In this interim, I
    recommend the Canon T4i for this one reason (all else being equal).

    The Canon T4i LCD screen flips out to the side (as do some other Canon’s) and like many video cameras. We have a Canon VIXIA HV30 that flips out  too. The others don’t flip to the side or don’t flip out at all. Flipping down sounds good but it’s right where the tripod is. Can’t see it.  Bummer.

    Not a “deal killer” unless you know this feature exist of course.

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