Presenting @LoriRuff as Host of #InfluenceRadio on The Social Network Station®

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TSNS Influence Radio Coming Soon

Integrated Alliances CEO, Lori Ruff to host new show “Influence Radio” on The Social Network Station.

The show will air Thursdays 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific beginning Feb 6, 2014.

It is with gratitude, excitement, and anticipation I welcome Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva to The Social Network Station  as she is one of the most brilliant social catalysts of our time. Lori takes personal kindness, generosity, and social savvy to a new level with “Influence Radio!” People are drawn to Lori because of her charm, but they stay because she knows how to help them stand out in the social realm–and today that is no easy task.

With catch phrases of the day like “content is king,” “social media experts” and “social media gurus” in full swing, the one reason we cannot dismiss these phrases as always over the top is because of those rare cases where it fits. Such is the case with Lori Ruff.

Being Executive Producer of “Influence Radio” has privileges

  • I get the inside scoop to make special announcements on The Social Network Show® about Lori’s upcoming episodes.
  • I get to learn first hand from her new show as she shares up to date, leading edge insights.
  • Like you, I get to see where Lori is going and who she considers important.
  • And I get to promote Lori as the award winning social influencer that she is.

Dr. J, Host of The Social Network Show describes Lori this way:

In addition to being a top Social Media Power Influencer and “The LinkedIn Diva,” Lori is a wonderful person.  How do I know this?  Not from years of association, but from a mere few minutes of hearing her credit her success to a couple great people, now her dear friends, who made the difference in her business and career trajectory when she barely knew them.  She gets the importance of having fun and letting work with her be fun for everyone.  Her show, Influence Radio, on The Social Network Station will not disappoint.  You will learn, be entertained, and love the company you keep.

Influence Radio begins, Thursday Feb 6, at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific on The Social Network Station.


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  • Jim Nico

    I love the feedback I am getting about Lori’s innovative new show “Influence Radio” as our associates on social networks are beginning to see the tremendous potential to learn from Lori in new ways. How exciting…

  • Warren Whitlock

    Congratulations. Lori Ruff is a great “get” and good friend and a delightful human being

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