Time Management for Twitter: Social Media Series Part 3

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In the world of posting whatever, when ever, there is a lot to be said about quality time with Twitter.  Twitter can be utilized in a multitude of ways.   Any user can post updates about news, links, promotions, events, topics of interest, engage in customer support and participate in online discussions. As an individual or business, you need to decide how you will engage in this forum.

If you have over 100 people you are following, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest updates as twitter is an active stream of personal opinion, back and forth discussions and buzz about thoughts or activities.  There is one thing for sure; people love to share about themselves on a constant basis.  With this said, you need to allocate a schedule to best optimize your time spent in the Twitter world.  Twitter can be managed in 10 (ten) minutes each day if you establish a routine and stick with it.


At any given time you will see this question, “What’s Happening?”  How you choose to respond in 140 characters is up to you.  What you decide to post should have importance to you and should encourage discussion.  Let’s say you are getting ready to promote an event for your company.  Your marketing department agrees on the language and you are ready to post.  It would be a good idea to provide a link (or shortened URL) in your post for others to visit and get more information.  Maybe there is a video you would like to share with your followers.  You shouldn’t post just the link on your page without giving them some reason to want to click the link.  Take careful measure to look at each word you select, correct any spelling errors and double check your links to make sure they are going to the right place.  Remember that it is easier to hit Backspace, than it is to remove a post from a server.


Now comes the task of finding out “What’s Happening” with your connections.  There are many different ways to do this.  The first is to skim through the list of New Tweets.  If there is something that interests you, you may choose to respond, or maybe not.  Either way, limit your twitter post review to the first page or two of posts.  Commit to it and move on.

The other way to look at updates is to utilize the search tool.  Maybe today you are interested in discussions about your favorite restaurant, so you would search that topic and see posts specific to that topic. One Tweeter recently searched Twitter for “LinkedIn Expert” and located @LoriRuff. She asked Lori to present “Why LinkedIn?” on a teleconference call to their group of arts facilitators.


Be careful with clicking links and be sure you are cautious to only open links that look like they came from your connection.  By keeping up to date with posts from your connections, you will know their online personality, so it will be easier for you to filter a post from a user who is spamming or inadvertently passed along a malicious link.


Much like with Facebook Mail, Direct Messages (DM) aren’t frequently checked by all of your connections.  It is good to send email through your standard email service if you have to say something more than 140 characters.  DMs tend to be spammy as well, so quickly filter through this inbox to see if there is a personal message you would like to respond to. 


Be sure to check your @Mention to see who is “mentioning” you in their posts.  This is how Lori learned that someone wanted to offer her an opportunity to present to their group!

It is a good idea to RT (Retweet) that post or send a DM (Direct Message) to that individual thanking them for the @Mention.  If you see a post that seems suspicious, you can also block it and mark it as spam.

Retweet a connection’s post if it interests you and/or fits your regular theme or topic.  From time to time you may want to include your thoughts about that post – if you have enough space to do so.

If you find the best means to quickly look for updates that you are interested in viewing, take effort to limit your discussion and post time in an efficient way, you will find that twitter is a fun and productive tool to keep up to date with your connections. Just don’t get lost out there!

Rock On!

Hollie Clere, The Social Pro is a social media manager, trainer and author in the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog and social media world. You can connect at www.TheSocialMediaAdvisor.com

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