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by Lori Ruff on September 21, 2010 · 0 comments

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So many people are blogging about the new Twitter Interface. Everyone’s describing it, but I don’t see people talking about the impact on users. Will Tweetdeck and my fav Hootsuite or other apps fade away?   Not likely.  But the site itself is more engaging, friendly and interactive.

Twitter has always seemed, at least on the development side, responsive to users. My take on if and how it will affect the user community is this: we should see more people on Twitter when they want to check out what’s happening rather than just following a pre-selected stream.

I know we all install and/or use tools to help us manage communications but doing so with Twitter is like telecommuting.  There’s just something missing when you don’t go to the office every day, or at least periodically. So I do… go to my office… my Twitter office that is.

I like to be in the environment where I interact with people to gain a better understanding of the subtleties of the community in which I am participating. Twitter is no different.

Will I enjoy the new interface? Yes!

Updated interfaces (to keep the analogy going) are like moving to a new cube in the corporate world, or a new office in the professional world, or a higher floor in the executive world. And I’m not immune to shiny objects either!

Now, bring on the popcorn and let’s watch this flick. (I know you’re dying to see it. You can jump ahead but I liked watching the whole vid.)

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