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by Lori Ruff on December 31, 2013 · 5 comments

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One of my best friends recently joined Twitter. Much to my chagrin, it was at the receipt of an invitation of another mutual friend (not his first invite) that finally got him on board. He’s not asking how to attract Twitter followers: he’s about being at the party, not being the life of it. But he did let me walk him through some of the basics. But after showing him the ropes, I received a message requesting

What’s the best strategy to get a high Twitter following such as yours?

Both answers boil down to these tactics. The sooner you start this, the more success you’ll have on Twitter.
Consistency - If you don’t show up, no one will know who you are! They may know about you but actually knowing you is where trust is built and top of mind loyalty is engendered.
Appropriate Volume - since many of your followers will have rather small networks (the average active Twitter following is currently 208) you want a good mix of tweets that don’t come all at once or so often that you overwhelm your network.
Focus on the core purpose of each profile - If the Twitter profile is a business profile, you will still be engaging but the updates and content will be much different than for a personal Twitter account, even if that account has a business focus.

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Watch your tongue - The most important time to look at what you post is BEFORE you hit “Submit”! I’m guilty of it as many people are, but think about the fire storms one stupid or out of line or misunderstood comment can make. People have been fired, humiliated out of office, and their reputation trashed by ONE bad tweet. Why? If you say or do something so totally inappropriate once, you’re likely thinking it enough for the truth to slip out. Don’t ruin the success you’ve built by posting without thinking things through.

Know when to speak and when to stay silent - If you innocently offend someone, apologize. If someone steps on you, speak up politely – after all, perhaps they didn’t “think before submit. We all make honest mistakes. Now we all get to make them in public. If someone publicly attacks you, refute them then leave it alone. The more attention you give it, the more attention it will gain. Want proof? Go ahead, Google search a topic. You’ll find LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and, yes, Twitter profiles and posts in the search results. Social media shows up because it gets the traffic.  You want something to show up higher on search results? give it more traffic.  The more you argue with a loose cannon the more damage is done. It’s hard. I know. It’s happened to us. But you will do well to LEAVE IT ALONE!

Finally, Keep it Real - We’re all human. So don’t try to impress anyone. Instead focus on what you love and are interested in. Talk about the things you know. Read about the things you don’t. Don’t try to be coy or cute or anything other than who you are and you’ll have more success faster than by trying to pretend to be someone better than you are.

Me? I’m no one special. But I speak from my heart. I encourage people when I need to be encouraged. I text about football when it’s in season and sometimes when its not. I answer questions and call out #GreatContent I find. I promote people I admire and ignore people I don’t. And by being just who I am, people who appreciate the real me find me and follow me and engage with me… many become my friends.

So, do you have anything to add?  If so, please share it here and let’s all work together to make a more fun and valuable environment for everyone.


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Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva, is a speaker, consultant, author and radio host in the LinkedIn and social media world. One of LinkedIn's Most Connected Women, she has influenced tens of thousands of people during her 15+ year speaking and training career. Twice named Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, wouldn't you like to meet The Diva too?

  • venkyiyer58

    Lori, the big problem I see with Twitter is that you are flooded with tweets and it is absolutely impossible to read everything. To be honest, I am guilty-as much as anyone else, I think- of not even glancing at most of the tweets when I am on Twitter. How do you ensure that your tweets get read/your links get clicked? Any (magic) formula?

    • LoriRuff

      That’s so true! But unimportant in the scheme of things. That’s like saying you’re not going to the conference because 3500 people will be there and you couldn’t possibly meet them all. But you go because the things you learn and the people you meet are likely to change your life!

      I mean, you’re right: you can’t possibly read all the tweets, so how’d you find the tweet that lead you here? Like buying that brand new car that no one else you know has, then you see the 50 or so other exact cars on the road… our brains lead us to what we’re fully invested in. Perhaps that’s why the “Power of Positive Thinking” is such a broadly accepted fount of wisdom..

      What you need to focus on sharing and reading the topics that attract the people you want to attract; and if you can’t do that (and my personal favorite way to be anyway) is to tweet and share about things that interest ME! That attracts people who like the same things I do and it’s easier to build real relationships because we have something we care about in common.

      I use tools to help – lists and filters to follow and connect with people and topics that interest me and my followers. I look at the people who’ve mentioned or retweeted or favorited or followed me and I try hard to connect with them with something as a simple as a favorite, a direct message, or a personal response. I try to look at the bios of people who say interesting or quirky things and add them to an appropriate list so I can stay in touch on a periodic basis.

      The people I’m tracking closely, I push updates to my phone and or use even more tools to automatically share the posts they put out because I love them all and they engender response from my network. That’s pretty powerful. In fact, of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers that blog, over half use to find and share useful content and to share and amplify their own.

      Kinda a long winded answer, but I hope it helps. Don’t get overwhelmed, just focus on what you love… the followers will follow!

      • venkyiyer58

        Yeah, okay, thanks, you gave me some ideas there.

        • LoriRuff

          Feel free to ask more questions any time… they are wonderful fodder for my blogging!

  • KareAnderson

    wonderfully apr advice from the heart and mind of Lori

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