New Facebook Page Layout for June 2014 (with PS & AI Templates) by @GraphicBreeze

by Andrew Cameron on May 29, 2014 · 2 comments

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Here’s news you wouldn’t have guessed: Facebook is changing again.

Don’t worry: this is not a major overhaul like we experienced with Twitter’s recent change. The new Facebook page layout design changes we expect to experience in just over a week (all pages will sport the new design as of June 11) is more about placement than anything else. But it is enough to give us another headache with having to potentially redesign our pages’ timeline covers yet again. That or just an excuse for a reason to do so.

Below is how the design was created.


And here is the how the new layout will be.


The major design changes are:

- The buttons are now inside the timeline cover through the desktop view, when before they were below. Luckily this barely steps over the prime real estate which is guaranteed to show on all possible views

- In desktop mode your name and position is placed inside the cover as well

- There is a small gradient along the bottom 1/4 of the cover design when viewed via desktop, which unfortunately slightly mutes the design it overlays

- The avatar through the desktop is  positioned higher than before

- When viewed via mobile there is no longer a small sliver on the top and bottom of the design that gets shaved off anymore


Below are examples of how a design is treated on a variety of views

Desktop Version
Android Version
iPhone Version


Download Your Template (Courtesy of @GraphicBreeze)

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